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Location is the most important thing in a city, especially one as compact as San Francisco. It can make or break a commute, your trip up to Tahoe, and your accessibility to restaurants, entertainment, and parks. Would you believe that there’s a location in the city that provides you with easy access to the most sought after and frequented places in the city and luxury amenities at home? 235, 255 & 325 Berry Street in Mission Bay provides you with all of that and more.

Let’s forget about the amenities of Bay views, central heating and cooling, and true insulation (things that are hard to come by in the San Francisco housing market) for a moment and focus on the proximity that 235, 255 & 325 Berry Street offers.

We’ll start with transportation. From 235, 255 & 325 Berry Street it will take you:

Place Walk Drive Public Transit

FiDi 40 min 15 min 20-30 min via KT, N, 10, 30, 45, TBUS, S

CalTrain 3 min Why bother? You’re walking to it!

Powell BART 25 min 15-20 min 15-20 min via 45, N, 30, West Route, S

Ferry Bldg 35 min 8-15 min 15-20 min via N, TBUS, KT, S

AT&T Park 7 min 3 min 5 min via N

GSW Stadium 15 min 5-8 min 10 min via TBUS, 13 via Transbay/Caltrain

Library 2 min Why bother? You’re walking to it!

Yerba Buena Gardens 23 min 10-15 min 15-20 min N, 10, 30, 45, S

SFMoMa 22 min 10-15 min 15-20 min N, 10, 30, 45, 91

Civic Center 35 min 15 min 25-35 min N, S, 45/F, TBUS/M, TBUS/L, 30/F, TBUS/KT, TBUS/N, TBUS/J

As curated via Wikipedia, “Mission Bay is served by the N Judah and T Third Street lines of San Francisco's Muni Metro. The N Judah links the neighborhood to Downtown, BART, Hayes Valley and the Sunset District, and the T Third Street links to downtown, BART, and the Bayview and Visitacion Valley neighborhoods. Several other Muni bus and trolley bus lines link the area to neighborhoods to the north, west and south. The Caltrain commuter rail system connects Mission Bay with San Jose and Gilroy. The proposed Central Subway project will make the link between Mission Bay, Oracle Park, Market Street-Union Square, and Chinatown even faster.”

It’s super freeway accessible with the 80, 280, and 101 a hop, skip, or a jump away. No need to fight through city traffic before being able to explore the rest of the Bay Area. Mission Bay is “1 block from CalTrain station and Genentech and Google shuttles. [It is also] 1 block from Muni light rail stop.” The Bay Bridge is only 5 to 10 minutes away in the car before you’re out of the city and into the East Bay, or on your way up to Tahoe!

Not only is it easy to get everywhere from here, but there’s so much to explore just in your backyard. “Mission Bay is for strolling the Bay Trail, scaling the walls at Mission Rock, and floating in a kayak waiting for a home run at McCovey Cove.” “Locals enjoy views of the bay, baseball games on weekends, and walking along The Embarcadero to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.” “Mission Bay Park promenade great for walking, running, or biking.” Or walk across the street to grab a coffee at Philz or to browse for a book at the Mission Bay Public Library, which “the first new public library in San Francisco in over forty years.” AT&T Park is walking distance away in South Beach and soon enough the new Golden State Warriors stadium will be complete, making this the perfect neighborhood for sports fans alike.

Mission Bay is a “reimagined urban neighborhood [that] is far from finished.” It has a rich history going from a “salt marsh and lagoon” occupied by a number of Native American Tribes to an industrial epicenter and has “...rapidly evolved into a wealthy neighborhood of luxury condominiums, hospitals, and biotechnology research and development.” This neighborhood is far from complete, meaning there will be more development of exciting new places to explore just outside your door.

“Mission Bay is a planned community, and the strategy was to provide housing targeted at young homebuyers with the long-term strategy of keeping them in the neighborhood throughout adulthood. Right now Mission Bay is a bargain among San Francisco neighborhoods and spacious homes with outdoor space and community perks.” If you’re looking for an urban jungle, luxury living, and access to activities galore, 235, 255 & 325  Berry Street in Mission Bay could be your dream home. Our best advice, get in before it’s totally build up. Prices will only rise as new developments settle in to the neighborhood.

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