Chase Center Opening Night | Metallica X San Francisco Symphony Orchestra: S&M2

It was an absolutely spectacular opening night at Chase Center, San Francisco this past Friday night when Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra opened with their iconic 20 reunion of the original blockbuster: S&M.

18,000 people packed out Chase Center’s inaugural show. For San Francisco local’s & living rock ‘n’ roll legends Metallica to be the first event is a testament to what the band means to this city, but to recreate the event that has lived in infamy since it took place 20 years ago was nothing short of historic. We obviously had to be there!

Metallica S&M2 - Wherever I May Roam | Chase Center San Francisco

Chase Center has been a work-in-progress for the past two years in Mission Bay, San Francisco. On the corner of 16th and 3rd St, across from UCSF Mission Bay, this world class venue has been highly anticipated. Not all the hype has been positive, however, with Mission Bay residents fearing the extra traffic and post-event noise flooding their once-quiet streets. With 18,000 people and all-but no parking at the site of the venue, the spillover of people into the streets has been an underlying storyline. Thankfully there were zero police reports in the Mission Bay neighborhood in the hours after the show, and the noise levels near Madrone & Radiance weren’t as noticeable as anticipated. Mission Bay Boulevard’s green space is sure to attract some late night loitering, but with the police station only 1 block away, the proximity to the neighborhood watchmen proved beneficial on night 1.

Metallica S&M2 - One | Chase Center San Francisco

The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra is working double time this week, with the SF Symphony opening night taking place this past Wednesday, September 4th at Davies Symphony Hall. Coupling the S&M2 show with the Symphony Gala makes for an enormous week for the 75 member band playing both shows. 

As for Chase Center itself, the stadium is a masterpiece. Lars said it best: “SF finally has a world-class event venue,” and he couldn’t be more right. I had the pleasure of sitting with the Meyers audio team responsible for decking out Chase with it’s insane sound system. They were impressed by their finished product, stating it was the best sound quality they had ever heard with the amount of individual musicians on stage. The video board they fitted out the stadium with is also first-class. The megatron pieces itself together to form a full screen, with it’s ‘sections’ being stored in the roof of the stadium. The screen combination (assuming they can have a variety of screen shapes) used for the Metallica S&M2 show created an incredible aura within the stadium, making it feel like there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Metallica S&M2 - Master of Puppets | Chase Center San Francisco

Tying it back to real estate; the anticipation of Chase Center not only affects the busyness of the neighborhood, but also the potential property values. With 4 condominium buildings in Mission Bay having direct walking access to Chase, 2 of which are barely a block away, the walk score of the neighborhood is about to skyrocket. Surrounding neighborhoods Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, Bayview and Hunters Point are also likely to see some proximity appreciation.

Chase Center will play host to 200+ events per year. 

Tim McMullen