Life in the East Cut

The East Cut is San Francisco’s newly formed FiDi residential neighborhood. Spanning only a handful of blocks surrounding the Transbay Transit Center on Folsom & Main, the ‘Cut right now is shiny glass, somewhat clean streets, and a whole lot of not much happening on the weekends. While that will change soon, it’s the current state of the union.

But, Wooly Mammoths once lived here..


The East Cut, as odd of a name as it may seem, has historical context behind it, based on foundational infrastructure to San Francisco’s origin story:

The East Cut as a neighborhood has redefined the city’s protocol and effort to maintain city cleanliness of the streets, providing jobs to locals to ensure the residents have washed sidewalks when they step foot out of their $2,000 a foot building lobby.

The Clean.Safe.365 program rolled out by local government is pioneering San Francisco’s effort to provide clean and safe streets to all who roam:

“A newly formed coalition of businesses, merchant groups, civic organizations, community benefit districts and property owners committing to advocating for and supporting sustainable solutions to keep San Francisco streets safe and clean every day of the year.”

This kind of effort and output is desperately needed in a city where walking down a main street might include watching the homeless publicly defecate, or worse, shoot up right in front of you. Well, actually, it’s a case by case basis on what you would consider worse.. But hey, cleaned sidewalks FTW!

Green space is a HUGE addition to the neighborhood. In true San Francisco fashion; It was delivered over 12 months ago, teased FiDi with sun basking park space, taken away like a piece of candy from a crying baby, then given back a year later! Re-enter Salesforce Park:


To make up for the 12 month hiatus, Salesforce Park is hosting a range of events, shows and live music late into the weekend nights. Perfect for city go’ers, not so ideal for local residents, particularly in surrounding buildings like 181 Fremont & Millennium Tower who are now noticing the additional noise levels. Worth asking about when purchasing a home in either building.

With The Avery almost complete, a strong second option for ultra-luxury condominiums just outside of the Fidi is seeing some traction. Sales ramped up slowly initially, but as the building nears completion and move-in day, sales are steadily increasing.

The Avery, San Francisco. 488 Folsom Street.

I mean, a 50th floor condo with pretty well unobstructed views for around $5M is about as good as a deal in the neighborhood as you can get.

San Francisco Skyline, Bay Bridge

Towering above LUMINA and The Infinity, the only thing to add the view would be MIRA’s architecturally-stunning self to sit directly center frame.

MIRA, San Francisco 163 Main Street

From life in the sky to something a little more street-level, the old transbay terminal project is about to begin, adding a beautiful tie in of ground-floor green space, alley ways and boutique cafes to an otherwise lifeless block. Expect a vast amount of Mission Bay style walking amenities in the next 2 years.

MIRA Cafe, San Francisco. 163 Main Street.

The East Cut is redefining modern city living in San Francisco. After thousands of new homes have been added to the neighborhood with 5+ major high-rise developments in the last few years, it’s safe to expect a vibrant, clean, and reimagined district in a pocket of the city begging for new life.

Interested in living in the East Cut? Check out our East Cut neighborhood page for more information.