The Great Debate [Lower] Pacific Heights


The Rockwell is a beautiful luxurious building for serious San Francisco living. With gorgeous views, amenities upon amenities, and a plethora of shops, restaurants, bars, and activities just down the street, The Rockwell is a one-stop-shop for life in the city. Where exactly will you find this gem? Well, that brings up the great debate.

If you go to the building’s website you will read that it is located in Pacific Heights, the most prestigious and expensive neighborhood in the city. According to Thrillist, you should live here “If you like mansions, stunning views, and mingling with the 1%...” In truth, the location “on Pine between Franklin and Van Ness, is really more Lower Pacific Heights.” It’s said that the people who live in Lower Pacific Heights are “People who want to claim Pac Heights, but can’t afford Pac Heights.” The name Lower Pacific Heights is fairly new as well. The neighborhood used to be referred to as Upper Fillmore when it was “Long a middle-class neighborhood geographically and socially intermediate between Pacific Heights and the Lower Fillmore…” As property values increased in San Francisco in the 80’s and 90’s, the neighborhood became increasingly wealthier, relating more to the Pacific Heights neighborhood to the North. As a result, the new name was born.

What exactly is the difference between Pacific Heights and Lower Pacific Heights? And what does that mean for you as a buyer or owner in The Rockwell? In a city as small as San Francisco, a block or two can make the difference between one neighborhood and the next. As with most neighborhoods in the city, the difference between Pacific Heights and Lower Pacific Heights is a matter of streets. In this case, the difference is a huge win for those folks in Lower Pacific Heights. You get the name, prestige, and luxury of Pacific Heights without the price tag! You also have all of the shops, restaurants, and bars in your neighborhood. “There is no bar and restaurant scene in Pacific Heights except on Fillmore St, which is technically Lower Pac Heights…”

The Rockwell doesn’t just provide you with the location, it also helps you identify the hot spots to go in the neighborhood. Their website includes a curated list of all of those places.


It’s time to get out and explore the newly rebranded neighborhood of Lower Pacific Heights just outside of your doorstop at The Rockwell. Adventures await!

Fatemah Nikchehi
415 756 4418

Copy + Editing: Brianna Frisch