Nightlife: Everdene

Welcome to CondoWeekly’s guide to nightlife! Our mission is to show you an insider’s perspective of local nightlife so that you can get the best experience you possibly can. 

In this edition, we’re reviewing one of our all-time favorite joints: Everdene.

Everdene Entrance

THE CROWD: early twenties to late thirties

MUSIC: House/Lounge/Chill

DRESS: Casual to Classy


Everdene Balcony


-Spectacular city views from the rooftop

-People watching


-Small get togethers

-Meeting new people

-Happy hours 



-Fast bartender service

-Reservations, booking tables in advance

-Weekend evenings 


Everdene is a great weekday and happy hour venue, particularly when the sun is still out, as you get spectacular panoramic views of San Francisco and parts of the bay. Wednesday and Thursday night, in particular, are the best nights to hit up Everdene. 

One simultaneously positive and negative feature of Everdene is that the tables are first come, first serve: meaning that you can claim a table for the entire night if you just arrive early enough, without having to pay for a bottle. The downside of this is, if you arrive too late, you’ll be resigned to standing all night. 

Everdene’s layout wraps around the side of the Virgin Hotel rooftop in a sort of “L” shape. As such, it can get crowded in the main areas of the bar and seating can be difficult to find. The CW team recommends that you arrive early, ideally around 6 PM - while the sun is still out. Bring 3-4 friends along, so that your crew can “claim” a table and keep hold of it all night. 

Everdene city view


The biggest glaring downside of Everdene is that you’ll have to wait shockingly long to get a drink at the bar. Upon arriving at Everdene, your crew should split up into two groups: the first group should secure a table, while the second group should go wait at the bar for the first round of drinks. 

Everdene Crowd

An added bonus of having a table at Everdene is that waitresses will frequently check up on your group and bring drinks to the table, instead of making you wait on line to order more drinks. As such, securing a free table at Everdene will have an outsized impact on your experience - make sure you get there early! 


The restrooms are unisex and split into three private stalls, which are kept (mostly) immaculate by vigilant restroom staff. Put some positive karma into the world and tip them, they more than deserve it. Being that it’s unisex and limited to three stalls, lines can form and you can find yourself waiting for a trip. Plan ahead and don’t be the person dancing around in line.


Everdene is in SoMA, on 4th street between Folsom and Howard.

Virgin hotel Entrance, San Francisco


Since Everdene is a rooftop bar, you’ll have to take the elevator to get up. In general, security guards will be manning the elevators and will swipe a card to get you up to the 12th floor. Upon arrival, you’ll be carded by very friendly bouncers and whisked through to the bar.

Everdene elevator.png

Don’t waste time enjoying the skyline views or people watching when you arrive: grab a table immediately and then send one of your friends to wait at the bar for drinks, or wait for a waitress to come to you. 

However, in the event that you’ve arrived when Everdene is “at capacity”, you’ll initially walk up to the second floor upon entering the hotel. You’ll be greeted by a staff member, usually female, who is holding an iPad. She’ll ask you for your name, number, and the number of people in your crew. 

You’ll then be ushered into the second floor bar, where you and your friends can grab a few drinks. At some point, you’ll receive a text on your phone notifying you that your crew can head upstairs: head to the elevators and security staff will send you up to the 12th floor. 


In the event that you’ve arrived on a night when you’re sent to the second floor bar, your chances of securing a rooftop table are slim to none - but not impossible. Walk around the tables with your crew and look for a group of seated people who have lots of empty dishes, plates, and glasses on their table. If you see that, it’s likely that they’re nearing the end of their time at Everdene and will be willing to move on soon. 

Post up near their table in a non-intrusive way and get chatting amongst your crew: at some point, clink glasses with all of your friends - and then invite the seated group to also clink glasses and say cheers with you, thus befriending them. Try to chat up the seated group if you can. This will tend to have one of two effects:

  1. The group will befriend you and thus be compelled to give you the table once they leave

  2. The group won’t really want to talk to you and be compelled to leave more quickly

It’s a win-win scenario: you’ve either made some new friends or secured a table for yourself more quickly. 

Just a caveat: if you’ve arrived with a crew of ladies and adopt this approach with a group of seated men that you’d like to have leave ASAP, you may have the opposite effect and convince them to stick around longer. Just keep that in mind! 


With its prime location near shopping outlets and office spaces, Everdene gets an interesting mix of people. In addition to this, its status as the Virgin Hotel’s rooftop bar lends itself well to a similarly young-ish, cosmopolitan, and international audience of travelers who are in town for work and leisure.

The crowd is racially diverse, but tends to sway local, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern - with a pretty even split across the board.

Everdene Happy Hour

The music is loud enough to be enjoyed but not so loud that it’s necessary to shout. It tends to sway more toward house on most nights, but the vibe of the bar doesn’t lend itself well to dancing. If you make some new friends who want to dance, we recommend that you head over to Hawthorn or Barbarossa: two bars with a similar ambiance to Everdene but more conducive to dancing. 

The Condo Weekly crew has met a lot of interesting new people at Everdene. If you’re new in town, you should definitely check it out! 

Ice breakers for meeting new people at Everdene: 

-the odd split between the second floor bar and the rooftop bar

-crack a joke about how long it takes to get a drink at the bar

-marvel at the extraordinary skyline views of the city